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📌 Discover the most effective strategy in Directing Your Mindset & Your Actions Towards Achieving The Results That You Want.
Being able to bring your thoughts and action together in synchronizing towards the outcome that you desire is one of the Most Important & Valuable Skills in Life.

📌 What you will learn in this workshop:
• How to set yourself to achieve your desired goals in 2019.
• How to break-free from old bad habits and get into new positive habits in 2019.
• How to move up your career ladder and not being stuck in the same old job in 2019.
• How to power-up yourself with motivated energy everyday even-though on rough & challenging times.

📌 Who should attend this workshop?
o Those who have set goals but fail to achieve them most of the time.
o Those who wants to break old bad habits but finds it difficult to do so.
o Those who have been trying to achieve your dreams but reality keeps pulling you back.
o Those who wants to progress in their career.
o Those looking for a better direction in life.
o Those who wants to grow & improve themselves.
Join Ricky Tan in his NEW EXTRAORDINARY YOU masterclass and learn the new effective and simple to follow strategy to get you from Where You Are to Where You Want To Be!



23 Feb, 2019          10am - 5pm

9 March, 2019        10am - 5pm

Tropics Eight Suites Hotel

Best Western Hotel (PJ)

📌How we understand ourselves and the people surronding us are crucial in determining the essense of our daily life and our career.
The framework of understanding ourselves helps us to identify 4 key factors; directing and receiving energy, taking information, making decisions & approaching people.

📌 What you will learn in this workshop:
• Understanding own personality.
• Quickly able to identify other's personality.
• How to utilize our core personality and strengths in building a better life and a better career.
• How to identify those gaps that we need to further improve..


13 Apr, 2019          3pm - 6pm

Level 3, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee